How is the JMGO N1 Projector with 0.33 DMD?


The JMGO Projector N1 projector uses a 0.33-inch DMD chip and uses a three-color laser light source. How does this projector perform?

How is the JMGO N1 Projector with 0.33 DMD?

The JMGO N1 is equipped with a MALC Krypton three-color laser light engine, which can reach 800 CVIA lumens, a color gamut of 110% BT.2020, and a contrast ratio of 1600:1.

In terms of configuration, the JMGO N1 is equipped with a MediaTek MT9671 chip, equipped with 3GB of memory and 32GB of flash memory, and supports global MEMC.

In terms of audio, the official said that the JMGO N1 uses a rare 370CC large sound chamber with a bass dive of 55Hz.

In other respects, this projector is small in size, comes with a pan/tilt, and the screen is corrected in real time.
I think JMGO N1 Ultra is very compatible. When I used it with vividstorm s pro screen, I thought the two would be incompatible. The fact is that the projection effect really shocked me.