What kind of screen is good for ultra-short-throw projectors

With the "brightness gain" effect of the cscreen, ultra short throw projector although can be projected on the screen can also be projected on the white wall, want to have a good picture is the best use with the "brightness gain" effect of the screen, so it is recommended to look at the ultra short throw projector screen and Frenel screen, these two kinds of screen have a good gain effect, is a side is reflected light, The other side absorbs light and is able to project the picture perfectly into the screen.


If the budget is limited, of course, you can choose ordinary white screen, but the projected picture is not very ideal, and does not have the anti-light effect. Here is very not recommended to buy the gray screen, because the anti-light coating on the gray screen, will make the ultra short focus projector can not evenly project the picture, will lead to uneven projection effect.