lg b2

  1. WilliamP

    LG B2 vs. LG C2 TV, which is better?

    LG B2 and LG C2 are two 2022 OLED TV models, this article will compare them and see which one is better. Model Name LG B2 LG C2 Appearance Model Year 2022 2022 Display Type OLED OLED Special features Game Optimizer / Dashboard Gallery Stand (optional) OLED Evo with Brigthness...
  2. 7

    Is LG B2 OLED TV good?

    Is LG B2 OLED TV good? This one is the 2022 new LG OLED TV, it is cheaper than C2, which do you recommend?
  3. Shelby_Compare

    LG B2 vs. LG C2 vs. LG C1 OLED TV Comparison Review

    Many people now choose OLED TVs because it has a wider viewing angle, the TV is thinner, there is no need for an extra TV stand, and you can easily hang the TV on the wall to fit your décor. Now LG 2022 also launched a variety of OLED TVs, this next article will compare LG B2, LG C2 and LG C1...