lg nano80 2022 tv

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    LG NanoCell TV Technology Explanation

    Compared with ordinary LED TVs, the biggest advantage of LG NANO TV is that it adopts NanoCell technology. Many people mistakenly think that it is the same as quantum dots, but it is not. Nanocells can accommodate up to 1 billion colors on the basis of IPS hard screens, but under NanoCell...
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    LG NANO75 2022 Specs, is it good?

    LG NANO75 2022 is a series of TVs developed with LG's new NanoCell technology. It is very popular among the majority of users with its super audio-visual experience. How about this TV? Let's take a look at its specs. Model Name LG NANO75 2022 Appearance Size and price 43" 43NANO75 50"...
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    LG NANO80 2022 Price, how much is it?

    LG NANO80 2022 and LG NANO75 2022 are two very similar TVs, according to LG NANO75 2022 vs LG NANO80 2022 TV comparison. I'm torn as to which of these two TVs I should choose. Will there be a big difference in their prices in different places?
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    LG NANO80 2022 Specs Review: how is it?

    LG NANO80 2022 TV is a 4K TV with LG NanoCell technology for true color and clarity. It runs the webOS smart platform and offers streaming services including Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+ and more. So how does this TV really work? Let's take a look at the LG NANO80 2022 TV review. LG NANO80 2022...
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    LG NANO75 2022 vs LG NANO80 2022 TV Comparison Review

    LG NANO75 2022 vs LG NANO80 2022 TV: What's different? LG NANO75 2022 and LG NANO 80 2022 are entry-level 4K TVs in the LG NanoCell series released in the same year, so what's different between these two models? By comparison, we found that LG NANO75 and 80 are different mainly in model, price...