LG NANO75 2022 vs LG NANO80 2022 TV Comparison Review



LG NANO75 2022 vs LG NANO80 2022 TV: What's different?​

LG NANO75 2022 and LG NANO 80 2022 are entry-level 4K TVs in the LG NanoCell series released in the same year, so what's different between these two models? By comparison, we found that LG NANO75 and 80 are different mainly in model, price, ports and sound quality.

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LG NANO75 2022 vs LG NANO80 2022: Available Size and Price​

The LG NANO75 2022 is more versatile in terms of models. It offers six options from 43 inches to 86 inches. So whether it's those with small spaces or those with large living rooms, the LG NANO75 can offer the most suitable model.
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LG NANO80 2022 is more focused on the models people use most often: four options from 50 inches to 75 inches. These are the models that most people are most enthusiastic about. Generally speaking, the viewing distance determines what size TV you should have. Before choosing a TV, you can use the TV size calculator to figure out the most suitable size.

As for the price, it is obvious. LG NANO80 is a bit more advanced than 75, and the price is higher. For example, the LG NANO80 is 200 euros more expensive than the LG NANO75 for the same 55-inch TV. The price may vary from country to country and region to region.

LG NANO75 2022 vs LG NANO80 2022: Dimming Pro​

The LG NANO 75 and LG NANO 80 2022 are two TVs that I don't think are the best choice for a gaming TV. But they still support basic games. For example, they both have a Game Optimizer feature. The difference is that the upgraded LG NANO 80 2022 also has the Dimming Pro feature. That is, it intelligently adjusts your TV to the blackest black and whitest white by taking into account the ambient light.

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LG NANO75 2022 vs LG NANO80 2022: Ports​

Whether the TV has enough ports to connect external devices is always a concern. LG NANO 75 has three HDMI 2.0 ports, while the LG NANO 80 has four. Neither of them comes with HDMI 2.1. If you need to connect your TV with multiple devices such as TV boxes, speakers, etc., the LG NANO 80 may be a better choice. If you just need to meet basic use, the more affordable LG NANO 75 is good.

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LG NANO75 2022 vs LG NANO80 2022: Dolby Vision​

Finally, both TVs have the same speakers, but the upgraded LG NANO 80 has Dolby Vision, while the LG NANO 75 does not. Therefore, the upgraded version is better in terms of movie audio and visual effects. But I personally think that if the smart TV is equipped with a soundbar or other audio device, the effect will be more shocking.

LG NANO75 vs LG NANO 80 2022: which is better?​


By comparison, we find that the LG NANO 75 and LG NANO 80 2022 are two TVs that differ in price, size, interface, and other performances. They are not very different, but each has its own focus, thus providing users with more choices. Overall, the LG NANO 80 2022 is better compared to these two TVs, but it is also a bit more expensive.

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