LG NANO80 2022 Specs Review: how is it?


LG NANO80 2022 TV is a 4K TV with LG NanoCell technology for true color and clarity. It runs the webOS smart platform and offers streaming services including Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+ and more. So how does this TV really work? Let's take a look at the LG NANO80 2022 TV review.
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LG NANO80 2022 Appearance Design​

The LG NANO80 2022 TV is a simple, low-profile TV with a simple design. It has a simple stand, but supports the TV well and leaves room for those who need to pair it with a soundbar. Its triangular shaped stand is close to the side of the TV and provides good stability. If you want to mount it on the wall, you can use the TV Mounting Height Calculator to find the right height.
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LG NANO80 2022 Picture Performance​

LG NANO80 2022 TV uses nanoparticles to filter and refine colors to create a TV image that displays bright and vivid images. 4K resolution and 60Hz refresh can meet basic viewing needs. However, it only supports HDR10, which may produce gray blacks due to low contrast when watching HDR movies. But for watching TV, it is still a good product. By the way, it supports Filmmaker mode, so you can turn it on when watching movies.

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LG NANO80 2022 Audio Effect​

The LG NANO80 2022 TV doesn't have much to offer in terms of sound. It has two 2.0channel speakers of 10W*2. I think the speakers that come with the TV are not as good as the soundbar. The stand of this TV allows you to easily put the soundbar under the TV but not block the view. Compared to its LG NANO75(LG NANO75 2022 vs LG NANO80 2022 TV), it has Dolby Vision, which is one of its advantages.

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LG NANO80 2022 Ports and Connectivity​

The LG NANO80 2022 TV performs well in terms of connectivity. It has basic connections such as 4 HDMI and supports eARC, 2 USB, LAN, SPDIF, etc. So you don't have to worry about connecting it to external devices. In addition, LG NANO80 also supports Bluetooth and wireless connection, or connect your phone to the TV to share the screen. In short, it allows you to enjoy the intelligence and convenience of a Smart TV perfectly.
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LG NANO80 2022 Review Summary​

Model NameLG NANO80 2022
Size and price50" 50NANO80 - £850
55" 55NANO80 - £950
65" 65NANO80 - £1250
75" 75NANO80 - £1900
Operating System (OS)webOS Smart TV
Refresh Rate60Hz
Wifiwifi 5-802.11ac
USB Port2
Special FeaturesDimming Pro
Game Optimizer / Dashboard
Gallery Stand (optional)
Video processorAlpha 5-5
HDMI PortsHDMI2.0*4
Filmmaker modeYES
Speakers2.0 20w
HDR formatsHDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG
Dolby VisionYES
AirPlay 2YES
AssitantGoogle Assistant, Alexa

The LG NANO80 2022 TV is a moderate TV, thanks to LG's unique technology NanoCell to add to the TV's color performance. If you want a TV that offers good visual enjoyment, the LG NANO80 2022 is a good choice.