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  1. Leo Lopez

    Advancements in OLED Technology: Samsung and LG Developing New Panels

    Recent reports indicate that two major players in the display industry, Samsung Display and LG Display, are working on developing OLED panels that offer higher efficiency and longer lifespan. As leading manufacturers of OLED panels for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and televisions, their...
  2. Leo Lopez

    LG Display to Begin Mass Production of 8th Generation OLED Panels in 2026

    According to a report by South Korean media outlet The Elec on July 10th, LG Display is set to begin mass production of 8th generation OLED panels one year later than Samsung Display. During a seminar in Seoul, South Korea, earlier this week, Choong Hoon Yi, the CEO of UBI Research, an analysis...
  3. Robert

    Samsung is expected to use LG panels to produce OLED TVs from early next year

    According to the Korea Herald, cooperation talks between Samsung and LG have resumed, with the goal of signing an agreement by the first half of this year. If the agreement is reached, Samsung is expected to start using LG panels to produce TVs from early next year. Industry sources said that...
  4. Barend Ray

    LG C3 vs. LG C2 TV, 2023 vs 2022 OLED Evo

    This article will compare LG C3 and LG C2 TVs. The LG C2 has been one of the most popular OLED TVs since its launch last year. Equipped with LG's OLED Evo panel it has an impressive panel. This year's LG C3 is its successor(More details see LG C3 OLED Evo TV Review), with a further upgrade to...
  5. K

    LG G3 OLED TV Release Date

    LG G series OLED TV includes already launched LG C1 and LG C2. now according to reliable news, LG G3 OLED TV release date is expected to be in 2023, as with the news in the previous days, LG C3 OLED TVs are expected to be released in early 2023. Now, LG G3 2023 OLED TV model is well known. In...