oneplus y1s pro tv

  1. W

    OnePlus launches Y1S Pro TV in India: 43-inch 4K resolution, 24W audio

    On April 7, OnePlus released the new Y1S Pro TV in India, with a resolution upgrade to 4K compared to the previously released Y1S. The OnePlus TV Y1S Pro features an upgraded display with a 43-inch 4K resolution featuring AI-powered visuals including MEMC, content optimization, dynamic...
  2. M

    New OnePlus TV Y1S Pro TV, Come with 24W speakers

    OnePlus has now starteds to market the 43-inch OnePlus TV Y1S Pro in India and has announced that the new machine will be launched soon. Judging from the preheating content, the new phone is basically the same as the previous news. The main selling points include 4K screen, Android TV 10 system...
  3. Jemma

    OnePlus Y1s Pro TV Review: is it good?

    OnePlus has launched a new TV in India, the OnePlus TV Y1S Pro, featuring a 43-inch 4K resolution panel. So how's the OnePlus Y1Pro TV review? Let's have a look. OnePlus Y1s Pro TV will feature 24W audio with Dolby Audio and Dolby Atmos, 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. The spotlight attribute of...