How to stream videos from my iOS/Android devices to Dangbei Neo projector?


To stream videos of Netflix, YouTube and Prime video:

1. Open the Netflix/YouTube/Prime video on the projector

2. Play a video of corresponding App on your iOS/Android devices

3. Tap the cast icon and select the Dangbei_**** in the "play on" list to cast

To stream videos of other Apps:

1. Open the App "HomeShare" on the projector.

2. Follow the instructions on the screen:

- Connect your device and the projector to the same network. The network can be either WiFi or your phone's hotspot.

- Play a video from the App* on your phone/laptop, then tap the video cast icon at the top of the screen.

- Select the Dangbei_*** to cast the video on the projector.

*HomeShare can only cast applications that support DLAN protocols.