1. K

    TCL P12G QLED TVs Available Now, with 55-75 inches

    TCL P12G series QLED smart screens are now available, with options of 55, 65 and 75 inches, priced at 6999, 8999 and 9999 yuan respectively. The TCL P12G TV adopts the TCL Quantum Dot Pro 2023 panel, a new quaternary quantum crystal, with a more stable alloy structure to ensure that the quantum...
  2. Serena Anderson

    TCL C11G TV Review, 2023 New QLED TV

    This article will show you the TCL C11G TV review. The TCL C11G QLED TV, launched on February 6, 2023, is a new mid- to high-end model from TCL. TCL C11G TV Review: Design The TCL C11G uses an ultra-narrow metal bezel full-screen and invisible design of the lower front frame, with a stylish...
  3. Barend Ray

    How do panel and backlight affect the picture of a TV?

    How do panels and backlight affect the picture of a TV? Panel technology is almost the most important factor in determining the performance of a TV screen. TV panels can be divided into two categories: LCD panels and OLED panels. OLED TV through the self-emitting organic LED as a light source...
  4. E

    QNED vs OLED Tv, Which Should You Choose?

    Newer technologies such as QNED and OLED TVs are replacing LCD and Plasma TVs when it comes to purchasing a new television. What, therefore, is the distinction? It's difficult to distinguish between the two names due to their similarity in pronunciation. Let us explain the distinctions between...