TCL C11G TV Review, 2023 New QLED TV

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This article will show you the TCL C11G TV review. The TCL C11G QLED TV, launched on February 6, 2023, is a new mid- to high-end model from TCL.

TCL C11G TV Review: Design​

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The TCL C11G uses an ultra-narrow metal bezel full-screen and invisible design of the lower front frame, with a stylish and atmospheric appearance.

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It is also embellished with a unique Premium QLED side label design, which is a testament to the high-end picture quality. The bottom of the panel is paired with gold stands, which are very distinctive.

TCL C11G TV Review: Picture Quality​

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For a TV, the picture quality is the most important. The TCL C11G QLED TV uses Quantum Dot Matrix Light Control Pro technology, which can significantly improve picture quality. First, the backlight layer is upgraded with a custom optical image microstructure for the light-emitting chip and lens.

The luminescent chip adopts a double crystal six-zone high-light chip so that a luminescent chip reaches 12 independent luminescent partitions, which increases the luminescent area by 60% and luminescent efficiency by 30% compared with ordinary luminescent chips. The optical refractive lens, on the other hand, means that by changing the structure of the lens, it can disperse light more precisely into individual partitions, making it more uniform than the light shape of the past reflective lens, bringing 50% halo improvement, as well as higher brightness.

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The TCL 75C11G has up to 220 backlight partitions and is equipped with powerful dynamic backlight equalization technology based on backlight partition control. This allows each individual partition to have more than 60,000 levels of dynamic adjustment capability, reaching 16-bit single-zone dynamic fine and multi-zone bright and dark active coordination. It has 1000nits peak brightness with an excellent contrast ratio to accurately display every detail of the brightness and darkness of the screen.

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In addition, as a large home appliance, the service life is also an important factor to be considered when buying a TV.

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TCL Quantum Dot Pro 2023 adopts the new quaternary quantum crystal, with a more stable quaternary alloy structure to ensure 100,000 hours of effective luminescence of quantum dot crystal. Not only that, but it also brings a 157% industry ultra-high color gamut and 58.3% color purity improvement, making the picture color more truly reproduced.

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The TCL C11G's all-channel 144Hz true high refresh rate allows it to present intense sports scenes with smooth and clear picture quality. the TCL C11G achieves 4K 144Hz high brush picture output from the physical screen, and decoder chip, to the transmission interface and software algorithm.

TCL C11G TV Review: Sound Quality​

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TCL C11G is equipped with ONKYO 2.1-channel Hi-Fi audio with 50W large audio power. The vertical AI sound field function uses AI intelligence to increase the vertical direction of the surround effect to achieve a full-field spatial sound field experience.

With the high-precision sound sensor at the bottom of the TV, it brings powerful spatial adaptive ability, allowing users to have excellent sound no matter where they are in the house.

TCL C11G TV Review: System​

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Unlike the traditional TV fixed waterfall homepage UI design, C11G is equipped with the industry's first open homepage design - Spirit Control UI, which supports users to freely set the components of desktop display, as good as cell phones.

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After the TV is turned on, the default Spirit Control UI mode allows you to put your favorite or frequently used applications directly on the desktop, and you can also customize the desktop to suit the needs of the elderly, children, and other people, making daily operations easier for every member of the family. Of course, if you want the traditional waterfall desktop, just click the "UI switch" button on the UI interface to switch at will, very thoughtful.

The C11G is fast, with 0.7 seconds STR for fast boot-up and 0.5 seconds to open applications. the remote control of the TCL C11G has also been upgraded, with three custom shortcut keys under the boot button of the remote control, each of which can be set to correspond to the software application you want to open. This allows you to quickly access the applications you often use, which is very convenient.

TCL C11G TV Review: Summary​

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The TCL C11G has four HDMI 2.1 ports to meet your connectivity needs, and you can connect to streaming devices or next-generation gaming consoles. the overall performance of the TCL C11G is very good, especially in terms of screen color, screen tolerance, and screen refresh rate, which brings out the advantages and features of QLED. It has a very good picture quality and also provides good sound quality.