1. Leo Lopez

    Why Is My Vizio TV Sound Delayed? Quick and Easy Fix

    This article will explain why is my Vizio tv sound delayed and how to fix the TV Audio Out Of Sync/Lip Sync Issue. With good picture quality and reasonable prices, Vizio TVs can offer more affordable TVs than high-end brands. In addition to good picture quality, Vizio TVs offer a variety of...
  2. Barend Ray

    Netflix Won't Play on Vizio Smart TV, Quick Fix

    This guide will show you how to fix Netflix won't play on Vizio smart TV. As one of the most popular streaming platforms, Netflix continues to receive positive reviews from its subscribers and continues to grow its subscription numbers. Netflix offers a large number of movies, TV series...
  3. Barend Ray

    How to Get Discovery Plus on Vizio Smart TV?

    This guide will show you how to get Discovery plus on Vizio smart TV. You must have at least one streaming video application on your TV, and these streaming services give us the platform to watch our favorite shows anytime, anywhere. One of them, Discovery+, includes all the content from its...
  4. Barend Ray

    How to get HBO Max on Vizio smart TV?

    This article will show you how to get HBO Max on Vizio smart TV. You may find it frustrating that you can't find the HBO Max app on your Vizio Smart TV, as HBO Max integrates a large number of movies and TV shows. The number of subscribers to the HBO Max streaming service has grown rapidly...
  5. Q

    How to change VIZIO SmartCast Display?

    Many people ask how to adjust the settings of a SmartCast Home Theater Monitor or SmartCast HDTV. Simply follow the steps below and you can adjust the SmartCast display settings. First, launch the VIZIO SmartCast app on your tablet/phone and then press the gear icon on the right side of the...
  6. Q

    VIZIO SmartCast TVs doesn't work, what should I do?

    VIZIO SmartCast TVs have built-in Chromecast technology. If you are unable to cast an application to the TV, try the following. Check to make sure the app you are using has forced conversion. For specific information on whether your device can cast, you may want to check the specifications on...