How to jailbreak Vizio smart TV? Easy Steps


This post will show you how to jailbreak Vizio smart TV.

Vizio smart TVs are among the most popular on the market, offering high-quality performance at a relatively cheap price. The VIZIO SmartCast TV series comes with plenty of apps built-in, but admittedly many users will be frustrated by the lack of an app store. But if we could jailbreak the Vizio smart TV, the TV would be less restricted to third-party apps.

How to jailbreak Vizio smart TV?​

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Update Firmware​

First and foremost, make sure there are no pending firmware updates. Jailbreaking necessitates the use of a specific version of ARM firmware.

You don't have to be concerned as long as your firmware updates are timely and complete.

So, that's the first step, and to be more specific, you should double-check the firmware version you last updated. No worries if you don't remember which version you updated, as long as you did it recently.

1. Using your laptop, navigate to the Vizio TV Support website and search for firmware updates.

2. Your updates will be accessible via a link on the screen.

3. They would also have displayed the most recent firmware version that needs to be downloaded to your TV.

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Download Code Converter​

Code converter is a useful application for Samsung smart device users that converts open source code into a form that makes your device compatible with certain software.

A number of generic code converter programs should be compatible with a Vizio Smart TV. You can install the software on your device using a download file saved on an external hard drive.

Search for the Code​

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After installing the code converter, use your remote control to activate your SmartCast's smart hub by pressing the V button.

Type "CODE" in the search bar to find the code converter app.

To begin the process of reverting your TV's operating system to its generic source code, launch the app.

Convert Secret Code​

Once the code converter is open, follow the instructions, then press Enter on the remote. Next, you'll find two sets of options.

1. Enter 1-8-9-1 above the "Convert from" tab.

2. Check "Hexadecimal" under the "Convert From" tab.

3. Go to the "Convert to" tab and select "Binary."

4. Choose "Convert."

When done your Vizio Smart TV software will be deregulated and it can download third-party apps and streaming channels.

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