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    What are the functions of the 2023 Sony TV Game Boost?

    Sony's 2023 BRAVIA XR TVs have added a "Game Booster" feature. Gamers can use the "Black Balance" function to adjust the brightness of dark areas, turn on the "Crosshair" function to aim at opponents, and use the "Screen Size" function to adjust the screen size to meet the needs of game users...
  2. Barend Ray

    Sony X95L VS Sony X90L 2023 Bravia XR TV, What's Different?

    This article will compare Sony X95L VS Sony X90L TVs. Sony was absent from CES 2023, but it returned a while ago with a host of new TVs and upgrades in TV performance. Sony 2023 Bravia XR TV lineup includes the X95L and X90L LCD TVs, as well as the A95L and A80L OLEDs. This article will compare...
  3. Mialulu

    Sony X90L TV Specs Review, What's been updated?

    Recently, Sony released the A90L TV, is it worth buying? What are the new features of the Sony A90L TV? To put it simply, the upgrade of the 2023 Sony A90L TV includes appearance, remote control, light control partition, brightness peak and game mode, but there are no more innovations in the...
  4. LLLisa

    2023 Sony X95L TV Specs Review, What's new?

    Sony has released the Sony 2023 BRAVIA XR TV Line-up. This article will introduce the latest 2023 Sony X95L TV parameters configuration review. Sony X95L TV Appearance Design Sony X95L TV's bezel and base are made of metal, seamless bezel, and integrated back cover, all of which continue the...
  5. S

    OLED TV Sony A95L Release Date,Size, Price, Specs and Features

    Sony has announced their OLED 2023 TV, the Sony A95L, which replaces the Sony A95K last year. In this article, we will make an overall evaluation of the features of the A95L TV. After all, it is not yet available. If you are going to get a new TV this year, keep reading and see if it is good...
  6. Tommy_tvs

    Sony 2023 BRAVIA XR TV Line-up Highlights, All You Need To Know

    On March 2, 2023, new Sony BRAVIA XR TVs were launched worldwide. Among them, the much-anticipated Sony 2023 BRAVIA XR TV series is equipped with Cognitive Processor XR to provide an immersive home theater experience. The Sony 2023 BRAVIA XR TV includes four models: Sony A95L, Sony A80L, Sony...