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  1. P

    Is Sony A80EL OLED TV Good?

    OLED is one of the best display technologies available today, thanks to features such as self-luminous pixels, high contrast, and extremely short response times. SONY's 2023 4K OLED TV, the A80EL TV, comes with a new and upgraded XR cognitive chip and multiple audio-visual technologies. Let's...
  2. Barend Ray

    Sony A95L VS Sony A80L TV, 2023 Sony OLED TV Review

    This article will compare Sony A95L VS Sony A80L TVs. Sony has unveiled its 2023 TV models, which include the latest LCD, OLED, and QD-OLED models. Among them, the only two models in this year's OLED series are Sony A95L and Sony A80L. Let's take a look at the differences and highlights of...
  3. S

    Sony 2023 BRAVIA XR TV, X95L, X95L, A95L, A80L, How to Choose?

    Sony's 2023 BRAVIA XR TV lineup has been released to the world. There are 4 new series released, including Mini LED TV X95L, full-array LED TV X95L, Quantum Dot OLED TV A95L, and OLED TV A80L. Sony's next-generation gaming TV is equipped with an XR cognitive chip, a BRAVIA camera, a new...
  4. Tommy_tvs

    Sony 2023 BRAVIA XR TV Line-up Highlights, All You Need To Know

    On March 2, 2023, new Sony BRAVIA XR TVs were launched worldwide. Among them, the much-anticipated Sony 2023 BRAVIA XR TV series is equipped with Cognitive Processor XR to provide an immersive home theater experience. The Sony 2023 BRAVIA XR TV includes four models: Sony A95L, Sony A80L, Sony...