sony x85k

  1. TV-Guide

    80 inch TV Dimensions, Best Worth-Buying TV in 2023

    The first thing one should consider when buying a TV is the TV size. What is the ideal TV size for my room? How do you determine what size TV to buy? What size TV is best for viewing distance? All of these questions occupy your mind. And as the TV size goes bigger and bigger in the market, there...
  2. EdwardKL

    Is Sony X85K TV worth buying? Pros and Cons

    If you have certain requirements for the quality of watching movies and TV channels, and want the TV to be equipped with HDMI2.1 interface so that it can transmit smoothly with the game console, and the price is not the most expensive Sony TV, then the Sony X85K is likely to be the model you are...
  3. I

    Sony X89K vs X85K: Differences and Similarities

    The 2022 Sony X89K / X85K is now available for purchase throughout Europe and North America. So what are the similarities and differences between these two models of Sony TVs? Let's take a look. What are the differences between Sony X89K and X85K? In fact, the X89K and X85K are two models in...
  4. W

    How to connect Sony x85k with phone?

    Sony x85k is a new model in 2022, I am wondering if it can be connected to my phone?
  5. Mialulu

    Sony X85K TV Review

    Sony TV official website has updated a new TV model, that is Sony X85K TV, corresponding to last year's Sony X85J series, what surprises will Sony X85K TV bring this time? Let's see how the Sony X85K TV review goes from its configurations. Sony X85K TV Review Appearance The frame and base of...
  6. Tommy_tvs

    Sony X95K vs. X90K vs. X85K vs. X80K TV Comparison Reveiw

    As much-anticipated new products in 2022, Sony TVs bring us a lot of new technology. For those of you who don't know the difference between these models, I've given you a list of the four Sony X95K vs. X90K vs. X85K vs. X80K TVs, so let's see what the differences are...