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  1. BoredMonkey

    What games can I play on Steam Deck?

    What games can I play on Steam Deck? Steam Deck supports the Steam Store page, but not all games run smoothly. Valve has introduced a verification system that allows games that are "Steam Deck Verified" to run seamlessly on the new handheld PC. Of course, there are some games that are not...
  2. F

    Steam Deck released one month, the latest optimization progress

    Today, Valve announced that Steam Deck is one month old. Officials say that this first month gave them the opportunity to start collecting feedback from people to make Steam Deck better every day. Officials have announced some optimization progress for Steam Deck: In terms of games, 2,000...
  3. F

    Microsoft announced a new lineup of games that support Steam Deck verification

    After the release of Steam Deck, more and more games have been verified by Steam and entered the "verified games library". Microsoft has also been promoting this work, less than a month ago "Brain Voyager 2" and "Hellblade: The Sacrifice of Xena" has entered the list, and now there are a...
  4. F

    Nintendo Switch vs Steam Deck, What's the difference?

    Nintendo's new strong rival, Steam Deck from Valve is already on sale and shipping. This article will introduce you to the differences between Steam Deck and the new Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has ruled the handheld gaming market for some time now, but the Switch hasn't really had the upgrades...