Microsoft announced a new lineup of games that support Steam Deck verification


After the release of Steam Deck, more and more games have been verified by Steam and entered the "verified games library".


Microsoft has also been promoting this work, less than a month ago "Brain Voyager 2" and "Hellblade: The Sacrifice of Xena" has entered the list, and now there are a number of games added to it, including "Fable: Anniversary Edition" "Oj and the Dark Forest: Decision Edition" "Halo Wars: Ultimate Edition" "Killer Instinct" "Kalimba" "Halo: Spartan Assault" and "Disney Pixar The Great Adventure". There are also a number of games that have been given the "playable" tag, meaning that while these games are playable on Steam Deck, they are not fully optimized for the device. These include Gears of War: Tactical Squad, My World: Dungeons, Deadlight, and Halo: Spartan Assault.