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    TCL Mini LED TV vs Samsung Mini LED TV, which is better?

    Mini LED TVs are very popular TVs on the market today. Samsung Mini LED TV QN85A and TCL X11 QD-Mini LED Smart Screen are two TVs that have been hotly discussed by users. Next, let's take a look at which Mini LED TV is better. What are LED TVs? Mini LEDs are LEDs with smaller individual...
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    TCL QD-Mini LED X11 Display Effect User Real Test

    TCL X11 is popular on the market for its QD Mini LED technology. So how does it perform in the picture? Here is a real display test of TCL X11 TV from users. TCL X11 applies the third-generation Mini LED technology QD-Mini LED. Because the LED components used in quantum dot Mini LED...
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    The Largest size QD-Mini LED TV: TCL X11 or TCL 98X9C Pro?

    The TCL X11 is available in three sizes of 65 inches, 75 inches and 85 inches, supports up to 2304 zone light control, the screen refresh rate is 120Hz, and is equipped with full ecological HDR. The TCL 98X9C Pro may use the same screen configuration as the TCL X11, but the 98-inch size makes...
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    How is TCL X11 QD-Mini LED 2022 TV?

    2022 TCL released a TCL X11, which uses the third-generation QD-Mini LED technology. TCL's 98-inch X9C Pro is currently the world's largest QD-Mini LED TV product. So how is the TCL X11 QD-Mini LED 2022 TV? TCL X11 adopts TCL QLED technology, 2304-division quantum dot point light control, has...
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    TCL X11 QD-Mini LED TV Review, 2022 New TV

    TCL TVs rank in the top three in terms of sales, and the new 2022 products are living up to expectations. As a new QD-Mini LED product in 2022, TCL X11 has amazing hardware configuration, Quantum Dot wide color gamut, Mini LED backlight, thousands of light control partitions, and 2000 nits peak...