toshiba tv 2023 model

  1. Samuel Miller

    Toshiba Launches M650 TVs in India: Elevate Your Viewing Experience

    Toshiba has recently unveiled its latest offering in the Indian market - the M650 TV series, available in two screen sizes, 55 inches and 65 inches, priced at 54,999 Indian rupees and above. The Toshiba M650 TVs come equipped with cutting-edge MiniLED screens, offering 4K resolution, a peak...
  2. Nadia

    Toshiba Mini LED TV Z700 New Released

    Toshiba TV officially announced that pre-orders for the all-in-one AV Master Mini LED TV Z700 series will begin at 20:00 on April 17. The TV comes in three sizes: a 65-inch model, a 75-inch model, and an 85-inch model. In terms of hardware, the Toshiba Z700 uses a 4-core A73 architecture...
  3. Y

    Toshiba TV Z750 TV Review, 2023 New Mini LED TV

    Toshiba TV launched two Toshiba 7 series TVs at the spring new product launch conference: Z750 and Z700. In this article, we will share a review of the Toshiba Z750 TV and share real performance shooting pictures of the Toshiba Z750 TV. Is Toshiba TV Z750 good? Toshiba TV Z750 continues the...