Formovie R1 VS. Formovie R1 Nano Projector, what's the difference?


Formovie R1 Nano released last day, as a ultra-short throw laser projector, what's the difference between Formovie R1 and Formovie R1 Nano?

model nameFormovie R1Formovie R1 Nano
light sourcelaserlaser
Light source technologyALPDALPD
Native Resolution1080p1080p
Brightness1600 ANSI1200 ANSI
Contrast Ratio3000:12000:1
Throw RatioUltra-short throwUltra-short throw
Aspect Ratio0.33:10.23:1
Operating SystemFengOSFengOS

Actually, we can see that there are not much difference, and Formovie R1 brightness is higher than R1 Nano. But you can get a shorter projector throw of R1 Nano, which means that you can project a large screen in a very short distance. So it's suitable for people who use projectors in a small bedroom.

1600 ANSI and 1200 ANSI are not bright enough, I suggest to use them in darkness, or buy a projector screen.


Formovie R1

Formovie R1