Xiaomi Formovie R1 Nano Projector Review


With the rise of the smart home concept, the smart projector market has also seen unprecedented growth. This article is the Xiaomi Formovie R1 Nano projector review.

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Xiaomi Formovie R1 Nano projector is capable of projecting a large size image with a very short projection distance. It is designed with an ultra-short focal length lens and has a throw ratio of only 0.23:1. With a projection distance of about 25CM, you can project an 80-inch viewing image.

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In addition to horizontal projection, this smart projector also does desktop vertical projection. It is easy to project the image on the desktop with the special desktop stand, and you can freely adjust the size of the image according to your ideas and needs.

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Many smart projectors on the market today use traditional LED light sources, while the Formovie R1 Nano projector applies more advanced ALPD laser display technology used by many laser cinemas is applied to home smart projectors.

With the support of a laser light source, this smart projector achieves 1080P HD resolution and 1200 lumens picture brightness, the picture quality is clear and delicate, which can present the maximum bright and high-quality picture effect for users in a daily viewing environment.

With the support of dual ToF sensors of surface + dot matrix, this smart projector has omnidirectional auto keystone correction and ToF sensorless focus.