2022 Black Friday QLED TV Buying Guide, Best QLED TVs

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With some of the Black Friday TV discounts already underway, it's the best time of year to shop for a TV, and you can get a quality TV at a better price than usual. TVs that use different technologies will offer different results, and each panel technology has its own advantages and disadvantages, you should choose the best one for your model according to your actual use. This post will introduce you to the Black Friday 2022 QLED TV buying guide, including its pros and cons and recommendations for QLED TV models worth buying. If you also want to learn about other types of panel technology or TV buying advice, please refer to the 2022 Black Friday TV Buying Guide.

QLED TV Pros and Cons​

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from Samsung
QLED is a light-emitting quantum dot or QD display integrated with LED-based LCD technology, which stands for Quantum Light Emitting Diode. In layman's terms, a QLED is still essentially an LCD TV, except that it uses tiny nanoparticles called quantum dots to supercharge its brightness and color. As cool as quantum dots sound, QLED TVs still produce light in much the same way as regular LED TVs. A backlight made up of hundreds or even thousands of LEDs is used.


Excellent color accuracy

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from Samsung newsroom
One of the major advantages of QLED panels is accurate and vibrant colors. The technology of quantum dots can be precisely adjusted to produce light in a specific spectrum, thus rendering more accurate and true colors.

Higher brightness

QLED is still LED by nature, so it will produce higher peak brightness than OLED TVs. And sub-dots can produce brighter spectral tones without losing saturation, which maximizes light. QLED panels can also display clearly in bright rooms.

Higher contrast

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QLED displays can produce deep blacks, which will provide better contrast than traditional LCDs, but still put OLED ahead in terms of contrast because LED backlighting causes light spillover.

Long service life

Due to the self-luminous nature of OLED panels, it is easy to experience permanent image retention after a long period of use, also known as screen burn-in. However, QLEDs based on LCD technology do not suffer from such problems and therefore have a longer lifespan.


The contrast is not perfect

Compared with OLED panels, the contrast ratio of QLED still needs to be improved. Its LED backlight produces a "light bleed" phenomenon in black scenes.

Narrow viewing angle

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QLED TVs have the same narrow viewing angles as traditional LED TVs. As you move away from the center of the screen, the quality of the image, brightness, color, etc., decreases. For wide seating arrangements, OLED screens are a better choice.

Energy consumption

Compared to OLED TVs, the backlight of a QLED panel will consume more power and therefore give off more heat.

2022 Best Black Friday QLED TV​

Samsung QN90B QLED TV​

Samsung QN90B QLED TV.jpg

Model NameSamsung QN90B QLED TV
Size43/50/55/65/75/85/98 inches
Display TypeNeo QLED
Refresh Rate120 Hz
HDR FormatHDR, HDR 10+, HLG
TV PlatformTizen OS

The Samsung QN90B QLED TV is an impactful TV. As the successor to the Samsung QN90A QLED, it offers higher peak brightness and excellent local dimming control. It's Neo QLED features mini-LED-powered backlighting and excellent full-array local dimming. The QN90B's peak brightness and anti-glare capabilities support you in watching programs in bright rooms without worrying about image fading. Also, local dimming improves contrast, and with excellent HDR performance, you can get a great experience in a dark room.


  • Peak brightness
  • Outstanding gaming features
  • Local dimming function to improve contrast


  • Lack of Dolby Vision or DTS
  • Some dirty screen effect

Hisense U8H ULED TV​

Hisense U8H ULED TV.jpg

Model NameHisense U8H ULED TV
Size55/65/75 inches
Refresh Rate120 Hz
HDMI4(2*HDMI 2.1)
HDR FormatHDR, HDR 10+, HLG, Dolby Vision
TV PlatformGoogle TV

Hisense U8H TV is one of the best values in mid-range QLED TVs. What Hisense claims to be ULED is actually QLED technology that combines quantum dots and mini-LEDs. It has mini-LED backlighting with 528 local dimming zones, plus excellent local dimming features to improve contrast and render excellent images in the dark. In addition, it has a surprisingly high peak brightness that resists glare well.

It offers multiple gaming features including HDMI 2.1, FreeSyn, low input latency, and more, so gamers can get a great experience.


  • Excellent local dimming function to improve contrast
  • Amazing peak brightness
  • Convenient intelligent system
  • Outstanding picture quality


  • Narrow viewing angle
  • Only two HDMI 2.1 ports

Insignia F50 QLED TV​

Insignia F50 QLED TV.jpg

Model NameInsignia F50 QLED TV
Size55/65/70 inches
Display TypeQLED
Refresh Rate60Hz
HDR FormatHDR 10, Dolby Vision
TV PlatformFire TV

The Insignia F50 QLED TV is an entry-level 4K TV, and if you want to try a QLED TV for less, it will be one of the cheapest QLED TVs you can buy. Despite its low price, it uses the same quantum dot technology as other QLED TVs and is the first Fire TV to use it. So you get both QLED technology and Amazon Fire TV's smart system.
It has excellent contrast for watching movies in the dark and also supports HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. but gamers may be disappointed as it lacks some new gaming features and doesn't support HDMI 2.1.


  • Excellent contrast and black uniformity
  • HDR and Dolby Vision support
  • Fire TV Smart System


  • No local dimming
  • Lack of HDMI 2.1 port
  • Lack of gaming features
  • 60 Hz refresh rate

TCL 6 Series Roku TV​

TCL 6 Series Roku TV.jpg

Model NameTCL 6 Series Roku TV
Size55/65/75 inches
Display TypeQLED
Refresh Rate120 Hz
HDMI4(2*HDMI 2.1)
HDR FormatHDR 10+, HDR 10, Dolby Vision
TV PlatformRoku TV

The TCL 6 Series Roku TV is a great TV that offers great value for money in terms of picture quality. It offers mini LED technology at an affordable price, and the local dimming feature enhances contrast so images can be more accurate. TCL 6 Series with Roku TV offers a simple and convenient operating system, so you can easily access your favorite streaming content.

It supports HDR 10+, HDR 10, and Dolby Vision, which can provide an excellent high-quality picture. For gamers, it supports HDMI 2.1, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), and ALLM (Auto Game Mode).


  • Excellent image quality
  • Roku Smart TV
  • Full-array local dimming enhances contrast


  • Not bright enough compared to similar products
  • Only two HDMI 2.1 ports

QLED TV vs OLED TV, Which is better?​

qled vs oled tv.jpg

Many people will be QLED and OLED comparison, two panel technology has its own advantages.

QLED TVs offer higher brightness, longer life, larger screen sizes, lower prices, and no risk of screen burn-in.

And OLED has better viewing angles, deeper blacks, and consumes less power. If you have enough budget, OLED TVs can bring you the best picture quality. Click to view the 2022 Black Friday OLED TV Buying Guide.