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  1. K

    Samsung 2022 Neo QLED Series TVs, Provide personalized experience

    Recently, the 2022 Samsung home appliance new product lineup was unveiled. The Neo QLED series of TVs have been newly upgraded. From picture quality, sound effects, design, and interaction, every aspect has been evolved, and TV functions have once again achieved breakthroughs. With comprehensive...
  2. Gabe

    Is Samsung QN85A TV worth buying?

    Samsung QN85A QLED is a great TV, and thanks to QLED technology, it performs very well in terms of brightness. The Samsung QN85A TV features Quantum Dot miniLED technology for precise lighting details to enhance dark details in the picture. The Neo Quantum Dot processor uses advanced AI image...
  3. V

    What TVs should I choose in the US?

    Now there are many different types of TV on the market. Here are the available TVs in the US, choose the one that you suits you. LCD TV The most traditional and common type of TV. The advantage is that it is cheap and has a long service life. There are no shortcomings, and the picture quality...
  4. G

    Samsung 2022 Neo QLED 8K TV Highlight

    Samsung launches its new Neo QLED 8K TV in 2022, how is it? Let's have a look. The 8K Neo QLED series TV has a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320, a 50Hz refresh rate, is equipped with a neuron quantum dot 8K processor Lite version image engine, supports QHDR 32x high dynamic range, and supports 8K...
  5. Tommy_tvs

    Samsung The Frame 2022 vs. Samsung The Frame 2021 QLED TV

    Samsung The Frame 2022, which was first introduced to everyone at CES 2022, is finally available for purchase, a QLED TV that has been gathering a lot of anticipation. Before that, The Frame 2021 was a very popular TV. This article will compare the Samsung The Frame 2022 and Samsung The Frame...
  6. Radiohead

    Samsung QN84A vs. Samsung QN85A, which is better?

    Samsung QN84A and Samsung QN85A are both Samsung QLED TVs, and now since the OLED TV is getting more and more popular for its better image and contrast. So these two Samsung TVs, which is better? Model...