2022 New Samsung The Serif TV, is it worth buying?


Recently, Samsung, together with the well-known French designers Brooke Brothers, launched a new The Serif series of integrated screen TVs. It is equipped with a 4K ultra-high-definition QLED panel and has a special custom design in appearance, built-in and overall experience. So is this high-profile new Samsung The Serif TV worth buying?

Samsung The Serif TV OLED TV.jpg

The appearance of the "I"-shaped body is more eye-catching compared to ordinary TVs. The overall outline is more concise and sharp, fashionable and delicate, and can be well integrated into various home styles.

The TV is also equipped with a black metal floor stand, and the combination of the two highlights the beautiful picture art. The power cord can be hidden on the side of the TV, keeping the surroundings tidy and adding elegance to the space.

Samsung The Serif TV OLED TV 2022.jpg

Even if it is placed at home, it will not be as dull and boring as an ordinary TV, because its own ambient screen mode can make the TV lively, and the displayed picture can also be adjusted according to personal preferences. After enabling the picture mode, The Serif TV will automatically integrate with the decoration style of the home, and we will not feel abrupt while adding a touch of sophistication.

Of course, as a TV, its function also matches its appearance very well. The Serif TVs use QLED quantum dot technology, allowing us to easily see the wonderful details and splendid pictures.

Samsung The Serif TV OLED TV on the table.jpg

Coupled with HDR 10+ technology, the entire picture can be made very comfortable, and even when the scene is too bright or dark, the details of the picture are very clear. Moreover, it can analyze each scene and adjust the brightness frame by frame to adapt to the environment of different moments, giving us a more comfortable viewing experience. The Quantum Dot 4K processor inside The Serif’s fuselage can intelligently upgrade skills and perform real-time optimization based on content.

Samsung The Serif TV OLED TV3.jpg

Samsung The Serif TV also has a built-in Bixby intelligent voice assistant. This intelligent voice system independently developed by Samsung has powerful intelligent algorithms. By talking to Bixby, you can get some home life services, such as asking about the recent life consultation, setting the TV mode, and so on.

New Samsung The Serif TV OLED TV.jpg

Interestingly, the Bixby intelligent voice system on the TV supports recognizing 16 regional dialects. In addition to a certain interest, Bixby's multi-dialect recognition ability also makes computer-to-machine communication more natural.

Having a TV at home that can understand you make it easier to live a smart life. With the connection, a smart home ecosystem can be established, and the smart home devices at home can be easily controlled to realize intelligent home life. As a smart TV, it also supports NFC connectivity. It can be connected to smart speakers or mobile devices, allowing us to have better audio-visual effects.

Samsung The Thref Connectivity.jpg

Whether you love movies or the arts, this TV has you covered. It can bring a high-quality visual experience and bring different colors to our lives.