samsung the serif

  1. L

    LG TV Posé and Samsung The Serif, which do you prefer?

    Benchmarking Samsung's lifestyle series of TVs, LG launched the OLED Objet Collection last year. Now it has a new member - Posé, similar to Samsung's Serif, offering 42'', 48'', and 55-inch, and slated to launch in Europe in Q3 2022. Similar to the 65-inch Easel announced at CES, the Posé...
  2. R

    2022 New Samsung The Serif TV, is it worth buying?

    Recently, Samsung, together with the well-known French designers Brooke Brothers, launched a new The Serif series of integrated screen TVs. It is equipped with a 4K ultra-high-definition QLED panel and has a special custom design in appearance, built-in and overall experience. So is this...
  3. T

    Is Samsung The Serif any good?

    The 2022 model of Samsung The Serif costs $1,899 for 43 inches and $2,799 for 55 inches. With such an expensive price, users can buy other better TVs. Why would anyone want to buy Samsung The Serif? Samsung The Serif TV is different from traditional TV. It can be placed flexibly, unlike...
  4. G

    Can the Samsung Serif be wall mounted?

    Samsung America and Europe launched The Serif 2022, I want to know if The Serif can be mounted on the wall? Has anyone bought this TV?
  5. T

    What is The Serif TV?

    What is Samsung The Serif TV? Is it worth buying? Many people asked about the series TV. Here are my opinions. Samsung's 55-inch picture-screen TV is the main purpose of the display, and the picture quality is secondary. If you have a villa with a modern decoration style, it will be nice to...
  6. Felia

    Samsung The Serif Review: Unique and Stylised OLED TV

    Samsung The Serif TV, first released in 2019, was designed by the renowned Bouroullec brothers. This unique TV fits into any modern design room seamlessly. And the 2022 Samsung The Serif has hit the market, available in 43'' and 55'', respectively priced at $1899 and $2799. Is this unique smart...