2022 Sony TV Series Recommendation


Sony TV has always been a very popular smart dianshi brand. Here is a list of some Sony TV series for you, hoping to help you choose.

Sony X80J and X85J series​

The whole series of X80J and X85J are basically not recommended for purchase. Many of Sony's core technologies have not been delegated to these two series. However, 43X85J and 85X85J are still worth buying for some users who need it. 43X85J is suitable for users with limited space at home and want to buy a TV with good picture quality. The 85X85J is suitable for users who are not particularly rich in budget, and need to take into account both picture quality and large size.


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Sony X90J/X91J series​

This is a worthy series among Sony TVs. Cost-effective, Sony's picture quality technology is basically equipped. Whether it is playing games or watching movies, it has a good experience. Sizes include mainstream 55, 65 and 75.

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Sony X95J series​

The image quality performance of the Sony X95J series is higher than that of the X90J series, but the price is higher. In general, the performance of Sony's mid-to-high-end models is very good. Sizes include 65, 75 and 85, which complement the X90J a bit.

Sony Z9J series​

This is Sony's current high-end LCD TV products, with a resolution of 8K and two sizes of 75 and 85. It is still too early for 8K to be popularized, and the positioning of the product itself is relatively high, which is more suitable for high-end users who are pursuing the ultimate.

Sony A80J series​

This is Sony's current OLED TV series, which is more cost-effective than the higher-positioned A90J series, and is an OLED product that I think is worthwhile. Sizes include 55, 65 and 77.

Sony A90J series​

This is currently Sony's flagship OLED product. Excellent picture quality and excellent experience, including 55, 65 and 83 specifications. However, the price and performance ratio is not as good as that of the A80J series, which is suitable for small partners who have ample budget and pursue the ultimate picture quality.

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