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9 solutions to "parse error" when installing APK software


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I believe that many users of Android smart TV will encounter such an error: There was a problem parsing the package.

So how to solve this problem? In fact, there are many reasons that cause the apk program to fail to install, and all these errors are basically attributed to "an error occurred when parsing the package." Therefore, we can only take a one-by-one investigation to find the reason.

Here are nine ways to solve such problems.

Solution 1:

Obtain the apk program through formal channels and well-known websites, such as Dangbei Market: http://us.dangbei.com/

Dangbei market software is only released after rigorous testing. After being downloaded to a set-top box or smart TV, it can generally be installed and run well, and most of the software can be used for free without malicious plug-ins.
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Solution 2:
Install Dangbei market, download the software you need directly from Dangbei market, download address: https://www.tvsbook.com/resources/dangbei-store-download.57/

Solution 3:
The apk version is not compatible. Under normal circumstances, when the version of the apk program downloaded from the Internet is higher than the version of the current device, a warning of "An error occurred while parsing the package" will appear when the program is installed. The solution to this kind of situation is: for this apk program, search for similar applications on the Dangbei market, but the version should not be higher than the current device version to download, install and use.

Solution 4:
The apk program is incomplete. The download tool that comes with some devices does not have the function of resuming the download, so the downloaded program may be downloaded incompletely, part of the program may be lost first, and so on. For this kind of problem, it is recommended to download it again, or download it through a computer, and then copy it to a USB flash drive and then install it.

Solution 5:
The current device does not support long file names. The solution is to rename the file, the name contains only English letters (but note that the suffix of ".apk" is to be retained), such as renamed "abc.apk", etc., and then install the program again after the change.

Solution 6:
The apk program cannot be installed normally due to factors such as insufficient device memory or poor quality of the U disk. For this kind of problem, try to re-plug the USB flash drive, if it fails, replace it with a high-quality USB flash drive. If a poor-quality USB flash drive is used, the program will not report an error even if the data stored in the USB flash drive is larger than the actual memory capacity, but the data has already been lost. In this case, the apk program cannot be installed successfully.

Solution 7:
The specified file path does not exist or the specified path is wrong. This situation is relatively rare on set-top boxes and smart TVs.

Solution 8:
The apk installer may not be compatible. You can use Dangbei market to download and install. Try not to use the mobile version of the installer, as there may be an incompatibility.

Solution 9:
The device may be poisoned. Download the latest version of computer anti-virus software to check and kill viruses to ensure that the device is in the best safe operating state.

Considering these solutions and troubleshooting the problems one by one, you can quickly solve the problem of errors when installing the apk parsing package. I hope they are helpful for you.
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