After watching The Last Dance Episode 5&6, I want to say


In order to record the achievements of the legend career of Micheal Jordan, Espn recently broadcast his latest documentary "The Last Dance" , setting a record of Espn's ratings. It started with 9 points in IMDB. After watching The Last Dance Episode 5&6, I want to say

1. No matter what era, moral abduction of celebrities has always been there.

From another perspective, for a thing, a celebrity must stand in line, if the expression is vague, or simply does not express, it will become the target.

The Last Dance

The Last Dance
In The Last Dance, Jordan's answer is perfect in my opinion. I'm just a basketball player, I have no intention of becoming a social activist, or someone else (in some people's opinion, this is also a point of disappointment to the public), playing basketball well is my principle of being a human being, if you like At this point, you can continue to follow me. If you don't like it, maybe I am not the one you should follow.

In fact, my view of many celebrities, especially athletes, is exactly the same. What an athlete brings to the public should be a spirit of perseverance, the courage to challenge oneself, and to break through the limits of humanity. This is also the core of motivation to the public. Whether he does good deeds, whether he has his own political position, any views on things, are all part of his personal world, not related to his career, nor to his fierceness with the public. Of course, if he is willing to expand this boundary, it is personal freedom and will also bear the various marginal costs brought about by this larger boundary. And in this clip, what I saw is that at that time, he chose say no, preferring to be misunderstood or used as a talk, without violating his principles.

2. Once a person becomes a god, the public's psychology is more willing to see the gods fall into the world, or even hell, rather than being flawless and unattainable.

From the first to the sixth episode in The Last Dance, for an athlete, this is his biggest motivation, self-driving force, and no outsiders are required to exert it. Naturally, it also brings some negative things, such as gambling. One of the most impressive routines in the film is that it is also the case in the current commercial society. The so-called black dots will not affect the advertising contract, the love of fans, and of course, the control of the game. Fortunately, a great athlete will not let these off-court trivia affect his performance on the field. However, even when he won the third championship, others saw more relief than joy in The Last Dance. His inner monologue is that if one thing is repeated too much, he will lose his hunger, and that will be a rush.

Therefore, it is still human, not God. In The Last Dance, when there is something you love so much, you finally have more negative evaluations. That kind of feeling tired, anyone who has a life experience will empathize and can make up for it properly. The pressure of celebrities is thousands of times At the same time, it is inevitable to have self-doubt, want to escape, want to shut down oneself, and find a more secure place.
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