Any good laser TV recommendations?


hey! I would like to ask if there is any good laser TV recommendation. I'm considering a new projection setup for my second house, previously I used Dangbei's projectors and vividstorm's projection screens. I think this time I will still buy the vividstorm screen, it is said that they have a screen suitable for laser TV and are famous. Has anyone used a laser TV with a vividstorm projection screen? Wondering which one will work better.
When it comes to laser TV, Hisense is almost the best on the market now. You can check their available models
Hisense laser projector is indeed the best in the market. I saw Hisense's ultra-short projector combined with Vividstorm Screen on the VividStorm platform, and the effect is really amazing.


VIVIDSTORM has an UST alr anti-light screen suitable for laser projectors, providing much better picture quality than projected on a white wall, making it the best choice for home theaters