1. Elena

    Dangbei Mars Pro 4K Laser Projector Unboxing Review, Real Picture Quality

    In recent years, as users' demand for large-screen entertainment increases, competition in the TV industry has intensified, with high-quality TV panels and technologies emerging, but the price of buying a large-size TV with high picture quality is a deterrent. As a result, more and more users...
  2. Elena

    Dangbei F3 Air Projector Review, Excellent Gaming Projector

    This year, Dangbei F series has launched a new Dangbei F3 Air, which is a very good game projector. This is a 0.47 DMD native 1080P resolution projector, let's take a look at the review in this article. Appearance The appearance of Dangbei F3 Air Projector is the same as that of Dangbei F3...