Dangbei Mars Pro 4K Laser Projector Release With 3200 ANSI Lumen

Dangbei, a famous Chinese brand on the same level as XGIMI, released a new high-end projector-Dangbei Mars Pro 4K Laser Projector. As the global production of Dangbei, Dangbei Mars Pro is equipped with the highest configuration. The new product adopts the new upgraded ALPD fluorescent laser technology with 3200 ANSI brightness and near theater-grade color, it will bring the home theater to a new era of laser projection.

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The Dangbei Mars Pro is a high-end home projector with TI DLP technology and a laser light source with a brightness of up to 3200 ANSI lumen plus 4K native resolution, ensuring cinema-quality visual effects.

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Compared to traditional projection display technologies such as LED light sources (which is the light source used by most projectors on the market), laser light sources have an unparalleled advantage. At present, Sony, Samsung and other international industry giants are accelerating the research and development of laser display technology, and this light source is generally used in laser TV and high-end cinema. Now you can have a home theater projector with the same light source technology as a movie theater for only $1799.

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In addition, the high brightness of 3200 ANSI Lumen coupled with the ultra-high definition resolution of 4K delivers clear, true-to-life picture detail. The highest 120Hz MEMC dynamic compensation technology can predict the trajectory of objects through intelligent algorithms and insert new motion compensation frames in the original picture sequence, greatly improving the smoothness of the motion picture.

Dangbei has always been very good at smart projection, and this Dangbei Mars Pro 4K also reflects Dangbei's smart technology. The autofocus and auto keystone correction uses a single TOF laser module and camera module and the latest architecture algorithm to further improve the accuracy and stability. Besides, it can automatically adjust the screen and avoid obstacles.

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Dangbei also cares about users' eyes, the product has been certificated by FDA. The Dangbei Mars laser projector also includes a vision protection function and automatic brightness adjustment function. When there is a human near the lens, the machine will automatically close the screen in time to avoid eye damage. The product has been certificated to the low blue light by the TÜV Rheinland, which can effectively filter out excessive harmful blue light, and reduce eye fatigue.

Hardware configuration has always been Dangbei's strong point, Mars Pro is equipped with MTK 9669 flagship TV chip, using Android 9.0 system with 4 + 128GB of memory, so that the system is light, smooth and fast, which meets all the needs of customers.

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To create the ultimate audio experience for users, Dangbei Mars Pro supports dual decoding of DTS-HD and Dolby Audio audio, providing immersive surround sound effects. 2*10W wide aperture speakers, tuned by acoustic engineers, perfectly restore the high school bass, so users can enjoy the cinema-like sound experience at home.

Since the launch of the intelligent projector, Dangbei has risen to become the head brand in the field of intelligent projection in less than two years by virtue of its advantages in software and its emphasis on the experience of large-screen user needs. The launch of Dangbei Mars Pro is an upgrade to the existing products and provides consumers with more choices.
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