Dangbei Projector Advertisement on CCTV-5 Sports Channel For World Cup Sports Marketing

Recently, a netizen posted on China's social media Weibo that he/she saw a commercial spot for Dangbei Projector on the CCTV-5 sports channel, sparking a buzz.

It is reported that the new version of the Dangbei Projector advertisement will be aired on the CCTV-5 (CCTV sports channel) and CCTV-5+(CCTV Sports Event Channel) from November 23, and won the exclusive title of CCTV-5's "Total Soccer" program for the first time. At present, the audience can see Dangbei projector ads rolling on CCTV dual channels in high frequency and in all weather.

During the rest of the World Cup, as the exclusive projector partner of the Serbia National Football team, Dangbei will cooperate with CCTV to continue to provide sports fans with an immersive large-screen watching experience and share the charm of football.

See Dangbei Projector and Serbia at the World Cup 2022 here.

official projector partner of the Serbia national football team-Dangbei.jpg

With years of continuous deep cultivation in the field of the smart large screen, Dangbei has developed into a leading brand in the smart projector industry, which has been widely recognized by many partners including CCTV. As the earliest and largest professional sports channel in China, CCTV-5 has the exclusive right to report many top sports events in the world.

dangbei projector on cctv5.jpg

In cooperation with CCTV Sports Channel, Dangbei won the exclusive title of CCTV-5 "Total Soccer" for the first time. On the one hand, based on the high fit between Dangbei and the sports track, Dangbei will watch the match through the high-definition super large screen, aiming to arouse a higher wave of people's love for sports in the year of the World Cup, and contribute to the development of the strategy of sports power. On the other hand, Dangbei's heavy landing on CCTV can deepen consumers' understanding of the Dangbei brand and products, and promote the brand power to further.

In addition to joining hands with CCTV, Dangbei Projector earlier announced that it had become the exclusive projector partner of the Serbia national football team. In sponsoring the Serbia national football team, Dangbei also has a deeper industrial layout. In the three years since its entry into the projector circuit, Dangbei has quickly ranked the top two in the smart projector market, becoming the only brand with the first growth force for three consecutive years in the industry.

dangbei projector on cctv-5+.jpg

For a brand, industry recognition is important, but the word of mouth and the expansion of the application scene is the key to future development. This is also the reason behind Dangbei's smart big-screen watching scenes with the help of sports marketing.

This year is the year of the World Cup, Dangbei holds two "trump cards" of CCTV and the Serbia national football team. On the one hand, it can take advantage of the huge traffic of the CCTV platform to further open the market of the smart projector industry, reach thousands of households, and help to watch the match on a large screen. On the other hand, the sponsorship of the Serbia national football team has greatly enhanced the international popularity and brand reputation of Dangbei and continuously expanded the international market.

Innovative technology to refresh the imagination of the big screen, Watch the game on a large screen, of course with Dangbei​

For the brand, cooperation with CCTV and other high-traffic platforms is indeed a necessary means to expand the market. Product research and development and application scenario expansion are Dangbei's "skills", and they also support Dangbei's continuous development of the brand.

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In recent years, the home projector market has developed rapidly and gradually become a new choice of home decoration for young consumers. The advantages of the projector are mainly focused on the large screen size, ease to carry, and many other aspects. In fact, the picture projected by the projector is much larger than that of the TV set, and it is paired with high-quality sound effects so that people can enjoy the excitement of the stadium while watching the game.

As a leader in the current smart projector industry, Dangbei has launched the laser projector Dangbei Mars Pro (X3 Pro in China), and other products to refresh the immersive experience of watching the game on the big screen. Dangbei Mars Pro 4K laser projector, for example, uses a high-end cinema-specific ALPD laser as the projector light source, 3200 ANSI lumens in a high brightness environment can also ensure its picture display effect. In addition, the global MEMC motion compensation and HDR10+ features allow users to experience high smoothness and richer picture texture and layering while watching the exciting World Cup Qatar.

dangbei mars pro laser projector.jpg

With products as the cornerstone and user scenarios as the tentacular, Dangbei is constantly enriching application scenarios, reaching more target users, and providing a better visual and sensory experience.


According to DangbeI, digitalization and technology are accelerating into the sports market, which is an important turning point and point of difference for the industry. To a certain extent, digitalization represents mobility. The venues and scenes of the users are more free and changeable, while the technology realizes the real experience of watching the matches is more like being on the spot. These are not only the potential power to activate the smart projector market, but also an important reason why Dangbei chose to cooperate closely with CCTV and the Serbia national football team.

In the future, the deep bundle of Dangbei and sports marketing will greatly help the brand to seize the opportunity in the future market.