Dangbei Projector And Serbia At The World Cup 2022, The First Training Video Public

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As a quadrennial sporting event with the largest number of spectators in the world, the World Cup 2022 officially kicked off in Qatar. 32 strong teams gathered in Qatar, Argentina, France, Brazil, Germany, and other strong teams appeared, among which the much-anticipated dark horse team Serbia national football team started its first public training and held a press conference after arriving in Qatar. Dangbei projector, the exclusive projector partner of the Serbia national football team, also made its World Cup debut with a heavy appearance in Qatar.

Serbia's team assembles and starts first training for World Cup​

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Since its formation in 2006, the Serbia national football team has risen like a comet in the soccer world. Even in the strong European qualifying rounds, it has shone as a dark horse and has reached the World Cup finals three times so far. This year, Serbia once again stands on the stage of the last 32 of the World Cup. Sprinting to the last 16 is the biggest goal for Serbia in this World Cup, and a favorable time to break history and go beyond the limit.

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A few days ago, the Serbia national football team assembled has arrived in Qatar, began the first day of training, and held the first press conference. The Serbia national football team announced its 26-man roster for the World Cup in Qatar, with Vlahović, Mitrovic, and Jović in the front, Tadić as the core, Milinkovic in the midfield, and Kostić on the side, who has been playing well lately. Such Serbia has unabashedly shown its dark horse.

Dangbei at the World Cup 2022, supporting Serbia in the group stage​

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From the official video released, the Serbian players are in good shape and actively warming up for the upcoming first group match. A number of the team's sponsors also came into view at the pre-game conference, with smart projector head brand Dangbei standing out. This is also the first appearance of Dangbei elements in the World Cup, helping Serbia to go to the group stage and play the first match against the Brazil national football team.

As the new blood in this World Cup marketing team, Dangbei is also the first brand in the field of smart projectors to participate in the World Cup team sponsorship.

Serbia national football team press conference.jpg

In September 2022, Dangbei officially announced the signing of the Serbia national football team and became the official sponsor of the Football Association of Serbia. Re-writing history with their achievements paved the way for a strong team. The self-transcendence of the Serbia national football team made Dangbei see itself in another arena, and it was only then that the two sides joined hands.

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In the smart projectors industry, Dangbei is also a leader. Only three years after entering the smart projection track, Dangbei has quickly become one of the top two in the market with its innovative products and has become the only brand in the industry with the first growth force for three consecutive years. With the World Cup year of sports marketing, Dangbei hit the brand slogan of "Watch the game on a large screen, of course with Dangbei".

Based on the market feedback brought by high-quality products, Dangbei's future road has become wider and wider. Whether it is cross-border sports or market development, along with the sprint breakthrough of the Serbia national football team, there is also China's smart large-screen brand Dangbei Projector.

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This year, Dangbei has also launched international products one after another, the most popular of which is the 4K laser flagship projector, Dangbei Mars Pro. The projector uses a better imaging ALPD laser light source, with an output brightness of up to 3200 ANSI lumens, and supports 4K Full HD resolution. In addition, it can project a screen up to 300 inches, making it a great projector for watching the World Cup. (You may be interested in Dangbei Mars Pro 4K Laser Projector Unboxing Review)

One is striving hard in the World Cup, and the other is surpassing the competition with domestic and foreign brands. The interpretation of the "internationalization strategy" by Dangbei and the Serbia national football team may become the biggest variable to break the bottleneck of the industry during the World Cup.
The World Cup favorites and one of the most highly regarded dark horses square off in Qatar, with Brazil taking on Serbia.