Epson 4010 Projector vs Dangbei Mars Pro: Which is Worth Buying?


Dangbei recently launched a brand new 4K laser projector, the Dangbei Mars Pro, priced at $1799. Also positioned as a projector for building home cinema, the Epson Home Cinema 4010 projector is more expensive than Dangbei Mars Pro, priced at $1999.99. So who is the better home theater projector anyway? Let's see when Epson 4010 Projector vs Dangbei Mars Pro, which is more worth buying.
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Model nameEpson Home Cinema 4010Dangbei Mars Pro Projector
Display Technology3LCDDLP
Dispaly chip/0.47" UHD DMD
Light Source/Laser(ALPD)
Brightness2400ANSI Lumens3200ANSI Lumens
Native Resolution4K (NOT Native)3840 x 2160 (4K)
Throw Ratio1.35:1 - 2.84:11.27:1
Keystone CorrectionVertical: ±30 degrees (Manual)Auto
Light Source Life/>20000H
System/Android TV 9.0
BluetoothNOBluetooth 5.0
Motion Compensation/YES
Noise31 dB / 20 dB (Eco)<24dB
Auto obstacle avoidanceNOYES
USB *3
LAN *1

Computer/D-sub 15 pin*1
Trigger out 12 V DC*1
USB 2.0*2
3.5mm Earphone*1
SPDIF out*1

1. Epson 4010 Projector vs Dangbei Mars Pro: Appearance

Epson 4010 projector follows the consistent style of Epson projectors, with a white flat brick design as a whole. Right in front of the projector is the projector light machine, around the light machine are the cooling holes, and behind the projector are various interfaces.
Epson 4010.jpg

Dangbei Mars Pro is different from traditional projectors in appearance. The body is a black cube design full of technology as a whole. Dangbei and 4K are recognizably marked on the front to show the highlight of the projector, and the top is a transparent glass, clear and bright. Like the Epson 4010, the connectivity ports are behind the projector.
Dangbei Mars Pro image.jpg
In general, as a new product, the Dangbei Mars Pro projector seems to be more in line with the aesthetics of modern young people. After all, no one can say no to tech-savvy home decor.

2. Epson 4010 Projector vs Dangbei Mars Pro: Image

For users who want to enjoy a cinema movie viewing experience at home, the projector's picture quality is the most important factor in making a choice. The Epson 4010 is marked with 4K resolution, but if you look closely at the stats, it's actually not native 4K. The official website states that it has 4K Enhancement (1920 x 1080 x 2), or Max Resolution of 4096 x 2160. In other words, Epson supports up to 4K, but not native 4K resolution.

Dangbei Mars Pro 4K resolution.jpg

4K with 2400ANSI lumens, the picture quality of Epson 4010 is not bad, but compared with the true 4K+3200ANSI lumens of Dangbei Mars Pro, the brightness and clarity of the Epson 4010 projector are inferior. Not only that, Dangbei Mars Pro has an ALPD laser light source, which is the most popular and advanced light source in the projector market, making much brighter images for users.

3. Epson 4010 Projector vs Dangbei Mars Pro: Audio

The sound effect is another factor that is most worth considering when looking for a home cinema projector. The Epson 4010, advertised as a home theater projector, doesn't have built-in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity, which shocked many users. Therefore, Epson 4010 needs to be connected to external speakers with an HDMI cable. If you have good speakers, paired with an Epson 4010 projector, it's a good choice, although it's a hassle.

Compared with Epson 4010, Dangbei Mars Pro has two built-in 10W speakers, and plus Dolby sound, you can enjoy the cinema-level sound without any external speaker equipment. Not only that, Dangbei Mars Pro supports Bluetooth 5.0 connection, it is very stable and fast when connecting multimedia devices.

4. Epson 4010 Projector vs Dangbei Mars Pro: Intelligent Function

As a home theater projector, the smart and personalized design is even more surprising. Although the old-fashioned Epson 4010 projector claims to create a home theater, its function is too single. For example, the Epson 4010 does not support Bluetooth and WIfi connectivity, nor does it have HDR and motion compensation. It only has manual focus and Keystone Correction. These functions are very backward in the age of intelligence.

Dangbei Mars Pro Highlights.jpg

On the contrary, Dangbei Mars Pro not only supports wired and wireless connections at the same time, autofocus and automatic correction, but also automatically recognizes obstacles when correcting the screen. Moreover, it can also automatically sense that If someone walks past the lens while the projector is working, the light will automatically turn off to avoid projecting to people.

5. Summary

Overall, a home theater projector can bring infinite joy to the family and provide more options for family reunion and entertainment. It is even more important to choose a stylish and practical projector that is smart and convenient.

Through the above comparison, we can find that the Epson 4010 projector has a relatively simple function, while the Dangbei projector is more in line with the entertainment needs of modern families.

After all, our life is inseparable from streaming media services, and the configuration of Dangbei 4G ROM+128G RAM allows us to download more apps freely. There is no doubt that the Dangbei Mars Pro wins this comparison of Epson 4010 Projector vs Dangbei Mars Pro with a cheaper price and more powerful smart features.
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