Fengmi Formovie X5 Projector New Launch, 4K Laser Projector


Fengmi Formovie X5 Projector New Launch.jpg

Fengmi Formovie has now officially released the Phonmi X5 4K laser projector. The projection uses ALPD laser display technology with 4K ultra-high definition resolution, 2450 CVIA lumens brightness, and is equipped with Tianlong cooperative tuning audio.

According to the official page, the Fengmi X5 projector has 2450 CVIA lumens brightness and can reach 320 nits at the 80" projection screen.

In terms of picture quality, the product adopts Monet's original color correction, and FAC color calibration engine, and supports 1.07 billion original color displays.

In terms of audio, the Fengmi X5 projector has a built-in FAA sound engine, 2*12W large speakers, and a 6W full-range audio at the end, with a wide 540cc sound cavity, supporting 270° sound field coverage and Dolby+DTS multi-format audio decoding, which enables rest screen audio function.

In terms of the system, the Formovie X5 projector has built-in FengOS 3.0, which supports customized personalized services. The new system merges the launch pad with system settings within the system, allowing global regulation via remote control without leaving the playback page. In addition, the system also supports far-field voice, WiFi6, and Mi Home loT smart ecology within the system.