How to connect Optoma GT2160 Projector to computer?


Optoma GT2160 Projector is a new HDR 4K projector with 4000 lumens brightness. It can be connected with external devices like phones and computers. If you don't know how to use it, this guide will help you.

Steps on Connecting Optoma GT2160 Projector to Computer​

Since computer input requires a special interface, you will find an RS-232 port on the Optoma GT2160 projector, which can be used to connect your computer to the projector.

1. Prepare an RS-232 Cable and turn on your computer and projector.
Optoma GT2160HDR ports.jpg

2. Connect one end of the RS-232 Cable to your computer and the other end to the Optoma GT2160 projector.

rs 232 cable.jpg

3. Select the computer connection input in the Optoma GT2160 projector.

rs 232 port on computer.jpg

Your calculator window will then be displayed on your Optoma GT2160 projector. Play anything in your computer and then you can enjoy it in the large screen of your Optoma GT2160. Read more about Optoma GT2160 HDR Projector review if you are interested in this 4K projector.