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    How to connect Optoma GT2160 Projector to computer?

    Optoma GT2160 Projector is a new HDR 4K projector with 4000 lumens brightness. It can be connected with external devices like phones and computers. If you don't know how to use it, this guide will help you. Steps on Connecting Optoma GT2160 Projector to Computer Since computer input requires a...
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    Optoma GT2160 HDR Projector review, 4K Game Projector

    How does Optoma GT2160 review? Recently, an Optoma ultra-short-throw projector has caught people's attention, Optoma GT2160HDR projector. With 4000 lumens, this projector is said to be able to project images in a variety of aspect ratios, including an ultra-wide 32:9 ratio. It is also a...
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    Optoma ZH39 Specs Review

    In July 22, Optoma launched a new brand new 1080P laser projector Optoma ZH39. Is this Optoma ZH39 good? Let's take a look at the parameter configuration of this laser projector. 1. Optoma ZH39 adopts Texas Instruments 0.65DMD display chip and DLP display technology. The light source adopts...
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    What is the "Enhanced Gaming mode" in Optoma UHD55 Projector?

    New this year, the Optoma UHD55 4K projector has caught everyone's attention as it aims to deliver a great movie and gaming experience. "Enhanced Gaming mode" has become the core highlight of the performance of Optoma gaming projectors since the UHD35+ was launched. What is the "Enhanced...
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    Optoma UHD55 Projector Review, 240Hz for movie and game

    The Optoma UHD55 is the new 4K projector for gaming this year. This projector features a 240Hz picture refresh rate and a low input latency of 4.2ms. Let's take a look at the review. Optoma, which has spared no effort to promote suitable projectors of video game images, continues to upgrade...
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    Optoma EL500H Laser Projector review, real test

    What kind of projector is the Optoma EL500H laser projector? This is an expensive laser projector, suitable for building theaters, conference offices and high-end education fields, so is this Optoma EL500H laser projector easy to use? Let's take a look at it below. 1. The overall use...
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    My Optoma projector lens coating is scratched, can it be repaired?

    My projector lens coating is scratched, can it be repaired?
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    Optoma ZH406ST Laser Projector vs Dangbei Mars Pro

    Recently I saw that Dangbei launched a 4K laser projector for $1790, the Dangbei Mars Pro, which is very hot online these days. So I wondered how does it compare to other lasrer projectors? I compared it to the $2985 Optoma ZH406ST laser projector to see if this new laser projector is worth it...