How to get the best TV Viewing Distance and Projection viewing distance?


When many users buy a TV or a projector, one of the biggest confusions is how to balance the size of the TV screen with the size of the living room, and what is the optimal viewing distance for different TV sizes. Here we provide the best TV size and projector viewing distance for your reference.

TV Viewing Distance Reference.jpg

TV Viewing Distance Reference

55-65 inch TV viewing distance: 2.2-2.7m;

65-75 inch TV viewing distance: 2.7-3.1m;

75-85 inch TV viewing distance: 3.1-3.5m;

85-inch TV viewing distance: 3.5m or more.

Projector viewing distance reference.png

Projection viewing distance reference

For comparison, we also give a reference to the projected viewing distance.

84-inch projection viewing distance: 2.0-2.5m;

100-inch projection viewing distance: 2.5-3.0m;

120-inch projection viewing distance: 3.0-3.5m;

150-inch projection viewing distance: 3.5m or more.

Projection viewing distance reference.png

It can be found that, under the premise of a fixed viewing distance, the visible size of the projector is much larger than that of the TV screen. For users who pursue the effect of watching movies on a large screen, the projector may be a more suitable choice than a TV.

If you don't know how to determine the viewing distance of your TV size, you can use the TV Size Calculator to easily calculate the TV size and the best recommended viewing distance.