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  1. Radiohead

    LCOS vs. DLP, What's the difference?

    LCOS and DLP are both display technologies, of which DLP is the technology commonly used in home projectors today, while LCOS technology is not commonly used, but recently Xiaomi Full-color Laser Cinema Projector has used this technology. So what's the difference between LCOS and DLP? 1. DLP...
  2. H

    DLP vs 3DLP: What's the difference?

    DLP technology usually refers to a single-chip DLP projector with a built-in DMD chip, and 3DLP technology has three built-in DMD chips, so 3DLP technology can bring brighter images and richer colors. Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology works by reflecting light through miniature mirror...
  3. R

    What's the difference between DLP and LED in projector?

    What's the difference between DLP and LED in projector? DLP is the imaging technology of the projector, and LED is a light source of the projector. DLP and LED are different concepts. A projector using DLP imaging technology can be an LED light source, but a projector using an LED light source...
  4. Emma

    CRT vs. LCD vs. DLP vs. LCOS, Introduction of projector technology

    Projection technology is generally divided into CRT, LCD, DLP, LCOS. 1. CRT projection technology CRT projection technology is the earliest realization, the most widely used display technology, the application of CRT technology projector is also known as Cathode Ray Tube projector, it is...