How to upgrade Dangbei X3 to international version?


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Qual é o sentido de comprar um 4K X3 Pro chinês se o 4K Mars Pro for mais barato?
Teoricamente, é possível, já que o serviço Dangbei escreveu que os modelos são completamente iguais, as diferenças estão apenas no firmware.
Good morning Esegan. I live in Brazil and here it is very difficult to have access to the devices. I got a Dangbei X3 Pro 4K. however it only has Chinese language, I would like to transform it into the international Dangbei 4K Pro Mars by changing the firmware. Can you help me? can you provide Dangbei pro mars international firmware? and help me to upgrade?


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I bought dangbei x3 pro but I can't use it because it is in chinese. I need a global version urgently, can you help me please.


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why cant you use it?
My projector is chinese but i can use it with no problem
for the menu I just use my phone to translate the settings