How to upgrade Dangbei X3 to international version?


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Recently, Dangbei X3 has become more and more popular in Europe, America and parts of Asia. Here is how to upgrade Dangbei X3 to the international version.

This is a great method.

1、Format the U disk, make sure the format is FAT32, and the size is less than 64G.
2、Copy the downloaded file to the U disk.(Note: Please put the file in the first-level directory.)
3、Destroy the power supply,Insert the U disk into the first USB disk slot.

4、Plug in the power cord, the power button on the top of the projector lights up.(The light is white)
5、After the light is on,Long press the power button, wait for the power to flash.

6、After the playback light is bright, you can let go. At this point, the system has entered the upgrade procedure.

Then, you can wait for the upgrade to succeed.

Firmware download address: