How to use Netflix on Dangbei projectors?


We all know that Emotn Store is a great alternative to Google Play, which allows you to download almost all the apps you need in one click, including Netflix, which we all love. And Dangbei projector users can install Netflix directly from the Emotn Store. But sometimes Dangbei projectors do not work properly with Netflix, which is very frustrating. I have found out how to solve this problem, so here's the guide about how to use Netflix successfully on your Dangbei projectors. (This method ONLY works for Dangbei device.)

1. Download the GMS Installer app and install it on your Dangbei projector. (Get download apk here.)

download gmsinstaller app.png

2. You can see the Google Plugin, click to enter it.


3. Select Netflix Unlock.


4. Click the code on the screen to Unlock Netflix.

click the code to unlock.png

5. Then open Netflix and enjoy your time.

netflix (1).png
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Thanks. May I ask which version of Netflix apk you used and where did you get it? My netflix keeps saying the version is not compatible with my device... Thanks!


Can Netflix not be downloaded with Google play? I can only use Netflix downloaded from Emotn!
Not all TV is compatible with Netflix, which means, you may not be able to use Netflix on those TV brands that don't have Netflix permission.


I think that the Netflix on EmotnStore is like a cracked version, so it has better compatibility with all TVs.