Is Hisense U7K TV good?


The newly released U7K TV ULED X display technology, equipped with the new Uled X display technology and equipped with 2016 MiniLed, with a total of 4032 ULED beads. Hisense TV 98U7K's backlight partition is four times that of ordinary Mini Led, and the light control ability is more accurate.

Hisense U7K TV.jpg

Hisense TV U7K adopts a 36.7° forward-horn sound field,5 groups of speakers +8 unit sound source matrix sound +2·1·2 multi-channel space sound field sound system, which further improves the clarity and detail expression of sound. The TV is equipped with a Hi-Sound Pro engine, which uses sound waves to detect the viewing environment and automatically matches the sound scheme in the space scene to create a customized sound field with thousands of faces.

Hisense U7K TV speaker.jpg

Hisense TV U7K uses a native 144Hz high refresh rate screen. With Hisense's unique 240Hz frequency double refresh technology, a full-channel 240Hz display can be achieved, making the picture smoother and smoother.