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  1. Felia

    Samsung TV vs Sony TV vs LG TV vs Hisense TV vs TCL TV, 2023 Pros and Cons

    What are the Pros and Cons of Samsung, Sony, LG, Hisense, and TCL TV? Different brands have TVs with different positioning, but many people only consider the price and brand when buying a TV. Actually, the model, technology, function, and picture quality are also very important factors. In this...
  2. Felia

    2023 Hisense U6K vs U7K vs U8K, What are the features?

    In this article, we compare Hisense U6K vs U7K vs U8K and introduce their features. Hisense U6K vs U7K vs U8K, What are the features? Hisense is looking to make big moves in 2023 when we look into the 2023 Hisense TV Lineup Review. It's clear to me after seeing the UX in person that they are...
  3. K

    2023 Hisense ULED Mini LED 8K TV, how is it?

    At CES 2023, Hisense released and demonstrated ULED X, Mini LED and other display technologies, and also launched the world's first 8K laser TV. The official said that this 120-inch ultra-large-screen 8K laser TV 120LX marks that Hisense 8K laser display has matured from technical solutions to...
  4. Felia

    How is the Hisense ULED X Mini LED 4K TV?

    At CES 2023, various TV manufacturers are scrambling to use the brightness of their products as a selling point. Now, Hisense has released its 85-inch ULEDX Mini LED 4K TV with a peak brightness of 2500 nits. The TV has 20,000 Mini LEDs and 5,000 backlight zones, and can reach a peak brightness...