Is Mini LED TV worth buying?



Is Mini LED TV worth buying?​

Mini LED TVs are clearly a major advancement in LCD technology. However, a backlight technology change from a few dozen, up to a few hundred beads, up to at least thousands, or even tens of thousands of beads, in the same display area of the backlight, the workload, manufacturing refinement, control and drive system complexity are significantly increased, which will inevitably lead to increased costs.
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As a result, Mini LED TVs on the market today are at least 2-3 times more expensive than regular LCD TVs. This high price is certainly not entirely caused by the adoption of Mini LED technology. Because high-end TVs tend to be fully high-end configuration, higher prices but determine a lower price/performance ratio, so TVs are not widely available.

At the same time, although Mini LED TV has the halo of new color TV technology, it still has shortcomings.

First of all, the essence of Mini LED TV is still LCD TV, which is an improvement of LCD backlight system. The inherent shortcomings and disadvantages of LCD TV cannot be eliminated.

Second, although Mini LED backlights are high-tech products, compared with top products in LED display applications such as micro/Mini LED small-pitch direct displays, they are still products with reduced technical difficulty. Matches are limited.

For reasons of cost and technology, some people are negative about the parity of Mini LED TVs. Some people even think that Mini LED TV may become a temporary product that must be replaced by the next concept, just like the previous "3D TV", "curved TV" and "QD backlight" TV. Of course, these somewhat "radical" views are not to deny the inadequacies of other display technologies, but to point out who is more valuable.

At present, "high color reproduction, high HDR dynamic effect, large screen experience" three points are becoming the main performance requirements for consumers to purchase color TV, especially high-end products.

In this regard, the core improvement of Mini LED TVs over traditional LCD TVs is reflected in the HDR effect. To achieve better color gamut coverage, Mini LED technology also needs to be combined with QD quantum dot technology to achieve. The latter will further enhance the cost of Mini LED TVs. At the same time, the principle of the LCD TV on the 100-inch level determines its "weight", "size" on the transport and installation of inconvenience.