Jailbreak Samsung Smart TV, Quick Steps

This guide will show you how to jailbreak Samsung smart TV.

How to jailbreak Samsung smart TV?​

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Check the Firmware​

Before you begin the process of jailbreaking your Samsung TV, you must first ensure that a few things are in order. To root the TV, make sure it is powered by an ARM processor with firmware =1018.0, which is a smaller version of a processor found in a computer.

You also need to prepare:

1. A SDK (Software Development Kit) from Samsung. This will be required in the programming field.

2. GIT is an abbreviation for "a free and open-source distributed version control system."

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3. A toolchain is a collection of software tools used in tandem to complete a development task.

4. XBMC stands for Xbox Media Center.

Enter the Pin​

With your Smart TV turned on, navigate to "Settings" and then "Setup Options." Then you'll be asked to enter a PIN code. Generally, you can find a default PIN code by searching online. The first one to try is "0000."

Then select your language preference for your TV.

Follow the First Prompt​

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The next prompt will say "Auto Tuning," and you will select the "Channel Type" option, followed by "Digital."

Once your TV is in Auto Tuning mode, you can relax while it does its thing. When the Auto Tuning procedure is finished, click "Next." If you are prompted to perform another Auto-Tune, simply select "No," which will stop the process and prepare you for the next step.

Provide a Passcode​

1. Select your “Internet Service Location”.

2. Next, select “Aerial Option”.

3. Enter a passcode.

Update the Television​

The final step is to click "Update Now," and then wait. When you are asked if you want to power down the TV after it has finished updating, let it rest. The updates will be applied to your brand-new, jailbroken Samsung Smart TV once you turn it back on.

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