JMGO P3S projector user feedback


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I recently bought a JMGO P3S and like it very much. So I want to share it with you all!

After all, for non-professionals, the first thing I see when I buy things is appearance. I chose this P3S projector because it is one of the most outstanding projectors I have seen, which is more in line with my aesthetic!

JMGP P3S projector.png

The matte texture of this projector feels very advanced, and it matches the ins style decoration style of my apartment. The most important thing is that it is "small" in size! Very convenient! You can even put it in a bag and take it on a trip!

I am also very satisfied with the built-in battery. I don't like the kind that is plugged in and connected to the cable, and the lens of the JMGO P3S can be rotated 90°, so it is easy to do it directly to the ceiling! My daily routine now is to grab the Nut P3S and dig into the bed, and use the ceiling as a curtain, U1S1, it is really more comfortable to lie down to watch movies and variety shows than to sit.

JMGP P3S projector feedback.png

The autofocus speed of this camera is very fast, and even if you change the venue, the picture can be quickly turned straight and clear. The auto focus and auto keystone correction functions of the JMGO P3S are really convenient. I think if someone wants to buy a projector for their elders, they can also try this one. The operation is really simple!

JMGP P3S projector IMAGE.png

It is also suitable for friends to go to the daily rental villa to party or camp together, and watch a movie together.

In addition, the JMGO P3S also has a very practical function, it can be used as a power bank. That's right, you read that right, it's amazing! The product designer of Nut Projector is so fun. Anyway, I never thought about connecting the projector to the power bank.

Anyway, it has been almost half a month since I got it, and the Nut P3S has given me quite a few surprises.
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