Killing Eve Season 3 Review: Can't kill Eve? Or "How to kill Eve?"


In a few days, it will be broadcast. Let ’s headline the party first. Without guessing the plot, this article is more curious about how to solve the following problems in the third season script:


1. When Mom C is your tool person, Xiao V's "love" is also full of the meaning of "materializing" your tool person. Should the screenwriter give the self-awakening to the current stage of a free and independent character development? You can't help yourself, you are instinctively stunned, it's all wide awake, dare to let us get rid of the "tool man" setting once!

2. Little V experienced a "bad education" about "love", the setting of the fashion bear child metamorphosis is indeed very fragrant, and it is also good to maintain, but should you boldly go deeper and explore the understanding of this metamorphosis to normal humans Self-interpretation of "love"? It is really possible to write new ideas. (Okay, I know there is still a bear in the trailer, but this drama tells me I believe it has ghosts ...)

3. Will the 12 people remain suspicious until the end of the season, or are they going to start feeding some actual materials? It has been the usual method of series dramas to delay the continuation of the series. The consideration of commercial interests or maintaining the tension rhythm of the works is a must-select topic and cannot be escaped.

4. Should the new characters continue to maintain the previous functional settings (Hugo tools), or should they introduce new resident characters to open new character lines? This question is closely related to the previous one. If you don't see episodes 5 and 6, you shouldn't see it.

5. The tail of the second season has broken the original sexual tension shooting mode, have you made a new pattern?

Watching a play looks like the futures, and there is no one. Recently, the forest is so hot, squat to see if there is a theme island where the wife is doing EV.


At the end of the first season, E stabbed V, and V firmly believed that the other party was because of love, and E did not understand the strong attraction he was receiving at this time, so it can be concluded that both of them are still in the obssesion. The story of the second season is still persuasive.