Laser Projector Buying Guide: Is the UST Laser Projector Dangbei U1 Worth Buying?

The development of the projector market can be said to be in full swing, and laser projectors also stand out among the crowd of home projectors. To be honest, there are still many ways to choose a home projector that suits you. In this article, we cover one of the most fundamental aspects of projectors: the light source, and how to choose the right one.

What are the projector light sources?​

1. Traditional bulb light source​

Generally speaking, the traditional light bulb light source mainly adopts a high-pressure mercury lamp or a xenon lamp as a light source. Because its development history is the longest, its advantages and disadvantages are obvious.

Traditional bulb light source


Among the three, the technology of the traditional light bulb light source is the most mature, and its brightness is the highest on average. Therefore, old brands such as Epson and BenQ also use the light bulb light source as their main projection light source.


Compared with projectors with laser light sources and LED light sources, the projection life of traditional light bulb light sources is shorter, averaging thousands of hours. And its brightness will decrease with the growth of use time, and the noise of most bulb machines is relatively serious.

2. LED light source​

The LED light source is a light-emitting diode light source. This type of light source belongs to "green energy". Most projectors on the market, such as smart projector brands such as Dangbei and XGIMI, use LED light sources as their projection light sources.
LED light source.jpg


LED light source is the most environmentally friendly type of light source, does not contain any harmful substances and does not have radiation problems. And the color gamut of most LED light sources will be wider, and the color saturation will be better, and its service life is as long as 60,000 hours, and there is no maintenance cost problem.


The biggest disadvantage of the LED light source is its brightness, which is a big shortcoming compared to the other two types of projectors.

3. Laser light source​

Laser light source refers to a point light source in which excited particles emit light under the action of stimulated radiation by using the photoelectric effect. Now more and more home projectors are gradually adopting this kind of light source, such as Dangbei Mars pro home projector, which is very popular among the public. Laser light source is the most popular and most promising type of projection light source.

Laser light source.jpg


The main advantage of laser light source is its high brightness and rich colors. And its energy consumption is very low, so its service life is relatively long.


Since the laser light source has not been popularized in large quantities, its technology research and development costs are relatively high, which leads to an increase in the price of laser projectors.

How is the Dangbei U1 laser projector?​

To sum up, the three projection light sources have their own strengths, but the laser light source has better performance in terms of brightness, color accuracy and chromaticity, and is currently the best choice for home projectors. Dangbei Projection launched a very advantageous ultra-short-throw laser projector - Dangbei U1 at the end of last year.

Dangbei U1 ultra-short throw projector uses an ALPD laser light source. This type of light source has the advantages of both traditional laser and LED light sources and effectively breaks through the shortcomings of both. It is a very disruptive new category of the light source.


ALPD laser light resource​

Thanks to the ALPD laser light source, Dangbei U1 also has the characteristics of high brightness, long life, low power consumption, anti-light intensity, rich color performance, etc., and can project a more pure and real picture. And there will be no serious speckle phenomenon like a panchromatic laser, which can protect eyesight while watching movies comfortably.


1080p resolution, 1250 ANSI lumens​

It is worth mentioning that the Dangbei U1 ultra-short-throw laser projector has a high resolution of 1080P and high brightness of 1250 ANSI lumens. Even in a light-on environment, its viewing effect is outstanding.


Throw ratio 0.23:1​

For an ultra-short-throw projector, the most important thing is the throw ratio, the smaller the throw ratio, the larger the projected picture. Dangbei U1 laser projector has a throw ratio of 0.23:1, and most ultra-short throw projectors on the market have a throw ratio of 0.25:1. This means that Dangbei U1 can project a 100-inch super-large screen in a short range of 34cm, and it can be placed against the wall without taking up too much space, and there will be no unexpected situations where objects or people look directly at the light source . This is also protective and convenient for families with pets and small children.


Smart features​

In terms of smart functions, Dangbei U1 ultra-short-throw laser projector is equipped with a ToF smart sensor. In addition to supporting basic functions such as autofocus and automatic keystone correction, it is also equipped with a one-key smart correction function for wall flatness through Dangbei's self-developed algorithm. You only need to take a picture through the small program to quickly adjust the picture, which is smart, convenient and fast.


Dangbei U1 stands out among projectors at the same price with its dual performance advantages of "ultra-short focus + laser". If your home is a small space, Dangbei U1 ultra-short-throw laser projector will be a very good choice.
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